Seamless. Accurate. Accelerated.

We keep it simple, so you can make it happen.


The Story of

Our Vision

Sum Up. Speak Up. Speed Up.

Time is valuable, and it’s equal for everyone. Content producer’s time should be spent wisely and effectively not being stuck in endless revisions.

Our Mission

Seamless. Accurate. Accelerated.

Making visual content production possible for everyone. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But you’re not a dog, and age is just a number. Our tools and functions are easy for everybody to learn and use. We keep it simple, so you can make it happen.

Domain Experts

With a wide range of production experience—from movies to TV commercials, online media, animation and graphic design—we share your passion, and we understand the hangups in communication and collaboration throughout the creative process.

Technical Engineers

Strong technical team, able to execute and transform ideas into products. Agile and flexible to cope with the changing needs in the market.

Business Strategists

Extensive Go-To-Market and Business Planning experience—from solutions to software, we bring to the industry, while revolutionising the ecosystem in production process.

Market Researchers

A team of researchers exploring different vertical markets to understand the needs of both clients and production talents. We're constantly forging new ideas to enhance our software and meet the competitive needs of our clients.

A member company of HKSTP Incubation Programme