One Platform offers a Marketing SaaS for video content creation, collaboration and productivity acceleration.

Upload any videos or graphics onto the platform for real-time comment, edit, adjustment and approval.

Visual Content all@one

Smart and innovative tools for all visual content creation.

Marketing Collaboration

Cutting-edge tools to create striking visual content—from graphic to storyboard to style board to video.

Seamless Approvals

State-of-the-art approval chains accelerate and simplify the approval process.

Tracking & Progress

Track Change and Commenting history with smart filter.

video commenting

Internal & External Teams Collaborations

Our platform enables instant collaboration between content providers and clients, while offering an internal team assignment function to accelerate productivity and keep everyone on the same page.

Smart approval

Seamless Approval Chains

Don’t waste time on endless back and forth—streamline the departmental approval process with interactive tools.

data analytics

Intelligent Content Creator

Generate visual content framework with keywords. Speed up visual development process to facilitate communications.


Resource Management

Create folders and sub-folders for your clients and teams. Manage sharing, commenting and approval by team or by user. Add customised watermark on your video or artwork when sharing with clients.